Berry’s Litter

Berry had her first litter on September 6, 2019, sired by Paisley Five O’Clock Somewhere. “Luke” is owned by Kathleen McIndoe and bred by Kathy and Pam. They gave us two very pretty girls…who, realizing it was just them, decided they were at an All You Can Eat buffet and were going to get their money’s worth!

You can see their pedigree here.

With just two girls, we don’t need collars (so far) to tell them apart. They’re thriving and Berry is being a good momma.

The World Gets Interesting

Five weeks means wandering around, getting to know Great Granny Pinch moving into new digs and…FOOD!!

Exploration Time

At 4+ weeks, the duo is much more interested in exploring the world beyond the box. And did we mention they are enjoying “non-Mom” meals in addition to momma’s home cooking?

And They’re Up!

At 3 weeks, the girls’ eyes have been open for a week and they’re up on their feet…not exactly Ginger Rogers but getting there. Now they’re starting to recognize and interact with each other. This is a breeder’s favorite time…they’re cute, fun, changing daily and Mom is still doing all the work!

First Days

Eating…and eating and eating and eating…and sleeping are what it’s all about!