Growin' up

When you do this for a while, you see the passage of time in a unique way.  You measure it in the dogs...what was going on when a litter was in the house, the stories in the news when you were showing them, and most of all, how long they live.

One part of time stands still...your perception of the owners who take your puppies home.  Somehow, the kids are always the apple-cheeked youngsters and gangly adolescents in your memory.  

Last year, it was brought home to us when "Jon" called about a puppy.  We last saw him as a teenager with his family's dog, Shea.  It took a while to wrap our heads around the fact he was now an independent 30 year old...who wound up taking home Tesla from Nola's litter.  Then it was Samantha, who grew up with a puppy from our first litter, now a married teacher wanting a puppy for her new family.

Recently, we heard from McGee's owner who reported that their an employed adult missing her Wheaten...had featured him in her blog.  Her post was about a homemade dog biscuit recipe McGee likes...which we are happy to share with all:

Time certainly flies, doesn't it?