It took HOW long...?

When you’re trying to finish a dog, it often feels like it takes a long time. Such was the case with our new Champion, Quinn. (CH Banner Signed Sealed Delivered.)

Quinn’s first show was at 7 1/2 months of age…a little young but we wanted him to get some experience before showing him at MCKC 6 weeks later. He was BW that first day for a major. Professional Handler Andrew Green showed Quinn for those first few months, and before he was 11 months old, Quinn had 12 points, 3 majors and 2 Bests of Breed over experienced Champions.

Easy peasy, I started creating his “finish” ad.

Did you notice the date on that photo? Quinn was just over 2. So what happened in that year?

Adolescence is tough on all of us…and Quinn showed us it was tough on dogs, too. When he went to a few small shows, we figured he’d celebrate his 1st birthday by becoming a Champion. Uh…no. He apparently decided he wasn’t interested in behaving. Wisely, Andrew said to let him grow up. Quinn took a few months vacation, still was disenchanted with the ring and took a couple more months.

Finally, Quinn’s brain clicked back into gear. Well…know how human teenagers go through an awkward stage? That was Quinn…mind was back, coat wasn’t.

A few more months, Quinn turned 2, his adolescent coat started to change. First weekend back…a 4th major and BOB over specials. It seemed to take forever…but when we counted up the number of times he was shown, he actually finished quickly.

Or, as John likes to say, slower is faster.