It’s #NationalPurebredDogDay...woo-hoo!

It’s the 2nd National Purebred Dog Day and we are happy to be strong supporters.  To quote the tireless founder, it’s “a day on which we celebrate the purebred dog. Created to work alongside man as they provide inestimable companionship, purebred dog breeds have served as guide dogs, earth dogs, search and rescue, military and police dogs and guardians of home, hearth and livestock; They are herders, vermin control, water rescuers, carting and sled dogs, retrievers, protectors, hunters, and bird dogs, and always, they are the heart beat of a companion near and dear to us. We value all dogs, whatever their ancestry, but we cherish the purpose bred dog and the predictability of its respective breed.”  

Founder Suzy Szremy’s hard work in her home state led Colorado to be the first to recognize #NationalPurebredDogDay….thank you Suzy!  Oh, and #AKC…get on the ball and take it to the other 49 states!