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Nola's Litter

Nola whelped her first litter on January 23, 2017, sired by "T-Bone", CH Coventry Penny for Your Thoughts, owned and bred by Erma and Jim Heckman, Coventry Wheatens.  She had 4 boys and 3 girls and, in a change from the typical, they were born during daylight hours!  You can see their pedigree here.

The males are wearing the Blue, Green, Lime and Purple collars; the females are wearing Yellow, Red and Pink.

Week Six

Eventful days...with the biggest event moving from the whelping box to ex-pens.  Now the puppies have room to play and a dedicated "bathroom" area.  We're always impressed when they pick up quickly where they need to "make".  And the bigger area means the appearance of their "Pink Friend!"

Week Four

Lots of new things to experience...not the least of which is "non-Mom" meals.  The puppies started eating some formula and ground kibble and decided it was pretty good stuff...but Mom is still a pretty good nurser.  More playing with each other, too.

Week Two

By the end of the second week, the puppies eyes have opened and they're up on their feet...and they realize there are other puppies in their world!

First Days

It's all about eating and sleeping in the first days of a puppy's life!  And even grandma Pinch chipped in to help.