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Farley, returning to the show ring at age 11 1/2.

Farley, returning to the show ring at age 11 1/2.

December 4, 1985 - May 23, 2002
Bred and co-owned by Sue Goldberg, Wheatens of Shandalee
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Farley was Pam's first show dog.  She patiently endured Pam's amateur handling mistakes. Her stunning coat and movement ultimately made her a champion,  entirely owner-breeder handled.  

Bred 3 times, her first litter produced a specialty winner and her last produced Mack.  

Farley &amp; Pam&nbsp;ringside at MCKC, October 1987

Farley & Pam ringside at MCKC, October 1987

Pam's "little rock", she moved with her from NJ to NC to MD and back to NJ.  She lived to the ripe old age of 16 1/2.  

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January 31, 1993 -- September 12, 2005
Co-owned by the Strassler family
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&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;Mack at 6 1/2 months of age

       Mack at 6 1/2 months of age

Mack was Banner Wheatens' first home-bred show dog.  He may have been one of the nicest dogs who ever lived...along with being the one about whom everyone said "all the neurons don't always fire!"  

He lived with his co-owners, the Strassler family, and was a "weekend warrior" for about 9 months, completing his championship at 16 months of age.  He retired and, unfortunately, given his longevity, moderation and lovely coat, was never used at stud.  

He is missed by all who knew him...but his memory brings smiles to them, too.

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CH Shandalee Banner She-Devil, CGC

 October 20, 1997 -- November 12, 2009
 Co-bred by Sue Goldberg, Wheatens of Shandalee
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Yes,there's a favorite dog...Brio.  That's why she gets her own page, all to herself.  In John's favorite phrase..."she's a character":

  •   At 6 months, she appeared in a college student's play.  Threeperformances, multiple entrances each time.  It only took one for her to realize SHE was the reason every one was there.  
  •   Shortly after that, she visited the grade school classroom of a friend's son.  Of course, the fire drill was arranged for her benefit...so she could greet all the students.  And the class' thank you note to John invited him back any time..."but be sure to bring the puppy".
  • Wherever we have lived and whichever kennel we have used, Brio was the star.  When we picked her up, was she in a run in the back?  Of course not, she's at the front desk.  Heaven forbid, we dropped off the other dogsand took her with us; the staff always wanted to know where she was.

The stories go on and on.

Brio was shown by Pam and by professional handlers Larry Cornelius and Peter Green.  She was bred first to CH Dundalk The Stroke of Midnight.  

But it was Brio's second litter that was so significant for us.  Bred to CH Hilltop's Diamond Gem, she produced two daughters, Addie and Morgen, who would go onto big things in the show ring and whelping box.

Brio was a poster child for doing annual testing.  Shortly before she turned 10, her annual testing suggested the possibility of Addison's Disease.  Follow up confirmed it and she went on daily medication...and thrived.  We counted ourselves lucky...such dogs can be hard to diagnose and often the first time owners realize it is when the dog has an Addisonian crisis, a serious medical emergency; fortunately, Brio was always well.  

Unfortunately, it wasn't for long.  At 11 1/2, Brio was diagnosed with PLN, after years of good test results.  Again, annual testing, which should never end, insured we were able to treat her and give her 6 months of a good quality of life.  We lost her the same day  her daughter, Morgen, died of PLN.

While having a dog with PLN who has produced PLN is heartbreaking, we are grateful to Dr. Meryl Littman and her summer assistant, Amy Smagala, at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine for their aid to our owners.  Their interest and our wonderful owners' support means that this "cooperative family" will be the source of study and perhaps yield some answers for our breed.

Brio will live in our hearts forever.

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CH Banner Devil in the Details

June 28, 2002 - March 31, 2008
Co-owned by Michael Wasylkiw and Mike Kempinski
Click here for pedigree

Our Adele. Her sister Morgen may have hogged the spotlight, but Addie always did it first.  She finished first, gliding through the classes to finish at the Westchester 
Kennel Club at 15 months of age. She was first in the whelping box, bred to CH Dundalk The Stroke of Midnight, ROM. She was a Top Producer for 2005 when 3 of her puppies finished in 6 months' time.

 Addie was always a delightful girl.  She and her daughter Lula lived with Michael and 
Mike, helping out in Mike's office, hiking on weekends and generally charming everyone.

Addie was also a poster child for why Wheaten owners should test annually and why those in Lyme-endemic areas should use tick preventatives.  In the summer of 2006, on annual testing with no apparent health problems, she was found to be highly positive for Lyme Disease and in early stages of PLN.  We removed her offspring from our breeding program; subsequently, 5 of the 7 have also been diagnosed with PLN.   

Addie’s life remained normal and happy due to her early diagnosis and her owners' 
devotion.  Mike rigorously maintained her diet and medication regimen and never 
hesitated to interrupt his business to check in with their veterinarian.  Michael made 
sure Addie knew every day how important she was to them.  They remained determined to 
do right by Addie.  Their veterinarian, Dr. Leah Gibbs, provided excellent care. In 
January, 2008, she was one of a number of Banner Wheatens to contribute to the Canine 
Phenome Project.

As a direct result of her owners’ care and understanding, Addie lived her normal quality 
of life until her very last days. She lost her battle with PLN a few months before her 
6th birthday.  

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June 28, 2002 -- November 12, 2009
Co-owned by the Strassler family
Click here for pedigree

An Italian proverb: "Speak of the devil and he will appear..."  In 2004, when you spoke of the devil at an East Coast dog show, it was often Morgen who appeared...in the winner's circle!

Best Bred By Exhibitor in Show, May 2004

Best Bred By Exhibitor in Show, May 2004

She finished with back-to-back 4 point majors at 18 months of age in late 2003.  
We thought it might be fun to "try" to qualify her for the 2004 AKC-Eukanuba 
Invitational Show and so set out showing her as a special.  A beautiful headed bitch, an incredible mover and typey, she turned into a show dog...as long as there was plenty of food around.  

Always owner-breeder handled, she was a multiple group placing bitch, rising to #5 Wheaten All-Breed and Group in 2004.  And yes, she went to the AKC-Eukanuba show where she was BOS and Best Bred By Wheaten.  A few weeks later, she was again BOS at the Westminster Kennel Club show ...and in May, 2005, retired with a BOS at the Delaware Valley Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club specialty.  

We will be forever grateful to her owners for letting her be a weekend warrior 
and giving us a wonderful ride.  

Morgen was bred once, to CH Paisley Forever Man.  Two of their sons, Rocco and 
Paddington, became champions, Rocco sired her grandchildren and all of her kids 
became someone's best friend. She retired to teach her son Stanley the ins and 
outs of wheedling a snack at Dairy Queen.

In the summer of 2009, Morgie was diagnosed with Addison's Disease and a few 
months later PLN.  She left her family in November, on the same day as we lost 
her mother, Brio.  We will miss her forever.

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CH Banner Better Days

Born November 3, 2004
Co-owned by the Branch family
Click here for pedigree

Ollie is a born show dog.  He walked into the ring for the first time one day after he turned 6 months of age.  The next day, he was Best of Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes at the Delaware Valley Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club specialty and won his class.

He never lost again on his way to his Championship.

He proceeded to get majors in his next five shows, finishing in a mere 7 shows at 8 months of age.  A month later, he got a Group 4...at 9 1/2 months of age.

More importantly, Ollie was born to be a member of the Branch family.  He is retired from the show ring and enjoying life as the center of their attention.  

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November 3, 2004 - March 1, 2015
Co-owned by her co-breeders, Mike Kempinski and Michael Wasilykiw
Click here for pedigree

Sometimes, lightning strikes a second time.

&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Mike and Lula, age 6 months.

                  Mike and Lula, age 6 months.

Lula, like her brother Ollie, was a beautiful moving show girl.  Feminine and showy, she was always a girl who garnered second looks in the ring.  

Lula finished in great style...needing just 2 points, we went to a show in Maryland the day after Thanksgiving and Lula made it worth our while by winning the breed to become a champion! 

Lula lived with her co-breeders/co-owners Mike and Michael where she kept the guys in line.  She lived with PLN for a number of years with their wonderful care but lost the fight against liver cancer at age 10 1/2.  She is missed by all who knew her.

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November 3, 2004 - November 8, 2013
Co-owned by Lynn Tighe
Click here for pedigree

And if you're very lucky, lightning strikes a third time.

&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Franny, age 3 months.

                  Franny, age 3 months.

But in Franny's case, it all started at birth.  We expected 6 puppies...but there was another hiding and taking her own sweet time to arrive.  She was "Lucky #7" ...our Franny.

That was the last time Franny EVER did anything slowly!

Franny's first show was the DelVal specialty and oh, was she ever living up to her name of "Franny the Rotten" that morning!  But with the help of another exhibitor, Willie Rueda, we got her under control and she wound up winning a large puppy class.  

It was just the start.  Franny went on to finish easily with some exciting wins.  She was BOS over specials for her first major at a supported entry...and BW at the once-every-5-years Morris & Essex dog show, held during the National Specialty Weekend where she defeated 39 other girls.

&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Franny at the DelVal Specialty

                  Franny at the DelVal Specialty

Franny went onto a short specials career, winning BOS at the 2006 DelVal specialty, earning a few group placements and rising to #10 All Breed and Group before retiring from the show ring.  

We immediately started planning for Franny's first litter of puppies and selected a stud dog.  While we eagerly waited for Mother Nature to take her course, Franny's mother Addie was diagnosed with PLN.  As a result, this long-awaited breeding was cancelled and Franny and her sister Lula were removed from our breeding plans.

Franny spent her retirement in Southern NJ...and Nassau, The Bahamas, on occasion...with the Tighes, filling the spot (but never replacing) held by her late great-grandmother, Jezebel.  Diagnosed with PLN in 2011, she took her final breath in Lynn's loving arms shortly after her 9th birthday, leaving many hearts in tatters.

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CH  Banner Bada Bing

September 2, 2005 - June 16, 2009
Click for Rocco's Pedigree

You cannot have a Sopranos litter without a nod to the family's club...or without 
someone named "Rocco".

Rocco was a terrific show dog from the start, winning the Delaware Valley Soft 
Coated Wheaten Terrier Club Sweepstakes.  He was a "made man" before he turned 
a year, finishing his championship with a number of Best of Breed wins.

In 2007, Rocco was briefly specialled.  At the Hatboro Dog Club show during the 
National Specialty weekend, in a 93-dog entry, he received 1 of only 2 Awards of 
Merit given.  During the Specialty,  he made the first cut in the specials' class.  
Then Rocco became a TV star....briefly!  Having won the breed at the Philadelphia Kennel Club/National Dog Show, he was seen for a few seconds on national TV on Thanksgiving Day 2007 as 
the camera panned the Terrier Group.  

Always a contender in the ring, Rocco was 
always breeder-owner handled.  He sired 
his only litter, born July 2008, by CH Ballybae Una's Willow.  His daughter, 
Ballybae Willow's Zoe became a champion in August 2009 at the same show her 
father finished at 3 years earlier.

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CH Banner Waggintail Wiseguy, CGC

September 6, 2005 - February 21, 2018
Co-owned by Pam & Bob Tinnelly
Click for Paddington's Pedigree

Paddington, October 2006

Paddington, October 2006

Of course, all members of the Sopranos family are wise guys...but Paddington was really a Wiseguy!

Beautiful head, elegant neck and a nice mover, Paddington was a dog who you always noticed in the ring.  His co-owner, Bob, showed him to a number of wins.  He then finished in great style, shown by handler Dana Bryson, with Best of Breed over top-ranked specials...and a 5-point major.

"Padd" was a clown who always made his owners laugh...witness the time he managed to get a full roll of stamps and scamper through the house with it.  He couldn't quite figure out how Pam and Bob knew he had gotten it...perhaps it was the individual stamps stuck to his beard, his fall, his legs, his back that gave him away?

While he grew up...we're not sure if maturity was ever in the cards for him...Paddington was shown by Bob on occasion.  Their most exciting show was when Bob owner-handled Padd at the 2008 Westminster Kennel Club show, making his family very proud!  Padd has also made TV appearances, notably on New York's "Fox and Friends" during the publicity for the search for the Obama family dog!

Padd's retirement included some additional acheivements.  He obtained his Canine Good Citizen certificate with owner Pam on the other end of the leash.  And after months of Pam Tinnelly's hard work to get him back into shape, Bob presented him at the SCWTCA 50th Anniversary Veteran Sweepstakes....where he looked "mahvelous, dahling!"  We were proud of all of them.

Sweet, silly Padd was a beloved member of the family his entire life and is forever missed.

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CH Marymore Banner Gabriel’s Choice


May 5, 2005 - February 2, 2019
Bred & Co-Owned by Mary Peltier, Marymore Wheatens
Click for Gabby's Pedigree

When the time came for us to get another bitch, we knew it had to be a puppy from CH Marymore First Triple Axel.  "Midori" was one of the best bitches we'd seen, and we had a high confidence level in Mary's breeding program .  

Getting Gabby from the West Coast was a challenge.  First, we needed help picking which of the two girls would be ours.  Professional handler Gabriel Rangel made the choice for us...hence Gabby's name.  Our friend Meg brought her back on a return business trip.  Gabby fit right in...and this California girl didn't really have any problems with our weather.  

While she was sometimes shown by professional handlers Ernesto Lara and Andrew Green...and once by her very special friend, Gabriel...John mostly showed Gabby.  He finished her at the Delaware Valley Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club supported entry at the Somerset Hills Kennel Club show.  

Gabby's first litter out of CH Edgewood Dream Catcher gave us BobDog and Rudi…and became a foundation for our program.  Rudi gave us Zoey and gave Mary her Mika…and the future looks bright for Gabby's granddaughters in the whelping box.

Gabby returned to the ring in October 2012, winning BOS at the SCWTCA 50th Anniversary Veteran Sweepstakes...where no one believed she was THAT old!

We said goodbye to Gabby when she was 13 years and 8 months old…she will live on in our hearts as that silly puppy for years to come.

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CH Banner Shout

Born December 16, 2007
Co-owned by the Vrettos family

Rudi was the first puppy born in the litter...in Gabby's crate next  to our bed.  We weren't quite ready for her but for sure, she was ready to come out!  Rudi was always the one in the litter our eyes came back to and was the puppy who was truly determined to do what she wanted when she wanted.

That's right...she's like her mother, Gabby, in both looks and temperament...and it makes us "
wanna SHOUT!"

Rudi has consistently given us plenty to shout about.  She  
finished her championship at 11 months of age!  Along the way, she beat champions and won many fans. Besides us, of course!

Always owner-breeder handled, Rudi was seen as an occasional special in 2009....with highlights including a Group 4th, a Westminster Kennel Club Award of Merit and a DelVal Specialty AOM.  

Rudi retired from showing to become a mom. Her first litter was born in April 2011.  You can 
see their album here.  Her daughter, Mike, CH Banner Marymore Double Triple Axel, went to live with her gran'ma Gabby's breeder, Mary Peltier, Marymore Wheatens, and was WB at both the 2012 Northern CA Specialty and Supported Entry and finished with multiple majors and BOBs over specials.  Rudi's second litter, out of CH Whindancer Heart Like a 
Wheel arrived in February 2013, which included, at last, our Jersey Girl.

Rudi has retired to live with the Vrettos family where is being doted on 24 x 7.  As we say, she landed well!  

More photos of Rudi:

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CH Banner Sweet Talkin' Guy, RA, THDA, TDI, CGC

Born December 16, 2007
Co-owned by Carol Carlson
Click for BobDog's pedigree

Never has a dog been so aptly named...

BobDog is the epitome of the Wheaten male...sweet, affectionate
 and just not too bright.  A lovely headed guy, he turned out to be moderate in size and all boy.  

BobDog finished his championship just a couple of weeks after his first birthday, entirely owner-breeder-handled by John.

He is now living with his friend, Carol, on her farm in PA...where as you can see, he's made some special friends...and
 loving it!  We're proud of them for achieving Rally Advanced, Therapy Dog Advanced, Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Therapy Dog International (TDI) certifications and using his training in local nursing facilities and with a school reading program.  In the first-ever Wheaten AKC Herding Event on April 9th, Bob was the first Wheaten to qualify!

BobDog and Carol's therapy dog work was honored with the 2012 SCWTCA Wheaten Ambassador Award.  Their participation in a local reading program has also drawn notice; we were all touched by the story of a young boy they worked with who was unwilling to read aloud in English at the start of the school year…and by the end was reading to BobDog.

Used sparingly at stud, he boasts a champion son, Bonnie O’Connor’s, CH Duidream’s Rogue Runner Escapade (“Beeper”)…and our fingers are crossed he will not be the only one. 

We're looking forward to seeing what this great team
 continues to accomplish...and as we always say, "BobDog is in Paradise, literally and figuratively."  He's the luckiest dog...and so are we!

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GCH Burdigan Banner Five Finger Discount

Born August 30, 2010

Bred and co-owned by July and Josh Burdick, Burdigan Wheatens

Click for Pinch's pedigree

Visit the SCWTDB where you'll find Pinch at Dog ID 47843

We always keep our eyes and minds open to adding another bitch to our breeding program.  Sometimes we are concerned about breeding ourselves into a corner and sometimes we have particular dogs we want to include in our breeding program.  

That's how Pinch came to live with us.  We'd met her sire, "Trapper" and had previously seen her mother.  So when we learned that a litter from the two of them was in the offing, we contacted Julie right away.

Pinch joined us on Hallowe'en 2010 and pretty quickly made it clear she intended to take over.  Totally self-confident, totally sweet, she is a bitch everyone loves.  As it turned out, the judges also appreciated her conformation.

Pinch started her show career at 6 1/2 months of age at a local show, just for the experience.  She got her first major that weekend and went on to garner either WB or RWB at all her shows.  She surprised us by 
finishing at the Devon Dog Show, held during the National Specialty Weekend, in October 2011.

We continued to show Pinch as a special, easily picking up her AKC Grand Championship...and just because she's fun to show.  Notably, she was BOB at the Philadelphia Kennel Club/National Dog Show, broadcast on NBC on Thanksgiving Day, 2011.

Pinch's first litter arrived in October 2012...and, since it was Pinch and nothing she does is without excitement, we had quite the adventure when Hurricane Sandy arrived the following week.  Two girls from this litter finished before they turned a year.  Fiona, CH Burdigan I'm On My Way, who lives in Portland OR, started out by winning Sweepstakes and BW at the St. Louis Specialty.  Her sister, Evie, CH Banner On The Road Again, was RWB at the DelVal Specialty, had BOB wins and finished in late September.  We are looking forward to their entering the whelping box in the coming years.

Not one to let bad weather interfere with her life, Pinch's second litter arrived in January 2014 amidst one of the colder winters we've had in years.  Nola, the puppy we kept, went onto become GCH Banner Down in the Treme, in short order.

Pinch's third litter, sired by our BobDog, CH Banner Sweet Talkin' Guy, RA, THD, CGC, TDI, arrived on July 2, 2015.

Pinch has also developed quite a Facebook following.   She reminds us of Brio...a favorite wherever she goes and no place more than in our house.

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GCH Banner Marymore Double Triple Axel


Born April 10, 2011
Owned by Mary Peltier, Marymore Wheatens
Click for Mika's pedigree

Mika made a reverse trip for Banner Wheatens...heading west to Southern California to live with gran'ma Gabby's breeder, Mary Peltier at Marymore Wheatens. We think that Mika made out like a bandit!

Mika sports her dam's exquisite coat and her granddam's 
attitude of utter superiority.

Mika woke up the California Wheaten scene her second weekend out when she was BW at the 
Northern CA Specialty and WB at the companion show...both wins coming under breeder judges.  In limited showing, she finished with multiple majors and BOBs over specials.  She went onto a Select win over the National Specialty weekend and easily picked up her GCH.

"Team Mika" includes 
trimming magicians, Jon Caliri and Cecily Skinner, and friend Debbie Doll-Breindel who has handled Mika to every win.

Mika's first litter has produced Jameson, CH Marymore Frisky Whiskey, and we look forward to hearing news of her second litter as they grow up.  As with everything that started with Gabby, many, many thanks to Mary...and we're glad to have returned the favor with Mika!


CH Banner On The Road Again

Born October 21, 2012
Owned by Mike Kempinski & Michael Wasylkiw
Click here for Evie's pedigree

As befitting Pinch offspring, Evie and her siblings have been adventurers from the start.  When they were 8 days old, Hurricane Sandy hit NJ and took out our power.  Puppies of that age are unable to properly regulate their body temperature and must be kept warm.  So we all decamped to Pam’s brother & sister-in-law’s home where Pinch and her brood spent the second week of the puppies’ lives.

So Evie has been “on the road” since her earliest of days!

A pretty, sound, showy girl, Evie was successful in the ring very quickly.  In one of her first shows, she was RWB at the DelVal Specialty and just a couple of months later, she won the breed from the classes over established Champions.  On a “training trip” with professional handler Andrew Green, she surprised us by completing her Championship at 11 months of age. 

Evie has been relaxing since then with “the Mikes,” keeping everyone in line.  Her first litter, by GCH Diamonds Ain't Misbehavin', was born on June 25, 2016 and you can see them here.  Evie was an outstanding, No Drama Mama!  

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GCH Banner Jersey Girl

Born February 25, 2013
Click for Zoey's pedigree

Breeders have all kinds of reasons for picking registered names…and they all have one or two names they are saving for just the “right” puppy.  For 20 years, Pam kept one such name.

We really, really wanted to breed Rudi, CH Banner Shout, to “Jackson”, CH Whindancer Heart Like A Wheel.  First time around…as sometimes happens…Mother Nature didn’t cooperate.  Second time, with equally determined stud dog owner Susan Ratliffe and our dedicated reproduction veterinarian, Dr. Melissa Goodman, we had success.

And what success we had!  Pam took a deep breath and registered Zoey as Banner Jersey Girl.  A few weeks later, Zoey was Best Puppy at the Morris & Essex match, a couple of weeks after that, caught everyone’s eye over MCKC weekend, and a few weeks later, was Best Puppy in Show at the Gloucester County KC.  

She was just getting started. 

Zoey finished her championship on the DelVal Specialty weekend at 15 months, going Best in Sweepstakes, Winners’ Bitch and Award of Merit.  Four months later, she got her Grand Championship and retired from the ring.  She's now living with Pam's brother and sister-in-law where she's now protecting the yard from all sorts of rodent-type intruders!

Zoey has great style, is sound and carries a stunning coat of golden, shining silk…hardly a surprise given her pedigree.  We are looking forward to breeding her in 2017.

"Because nothing matters in the whole wide world when you're in love with a Jersey Girl."

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GCH Banner Down in the Treme

Born January 16, 2014

Co-Owned by Christina Pae

Click for Nola’s pedigree

Nola, the new champion!

Nola, the new champion!

Inspired by the great HBO TV series, “Treme”, we decided that Pinch’s second litter would be New Orleans themed.  After all, she’d been to the Big Easy on one of her many Facebook adventures and Mr. Wonderful was named for a dance, GCH Greentree Moonstruck Mombo Man.  “Ricky” a sweet, sound, super-moving dog turned out to be a great choice.

Nola has her mom’s head and her dad’s great movement…and an irrepressible attitude that has won over many.  She easily completed her Championship at age 10 months, placed in the Group a few weeks later and went onto her Grand Championship at 14 months. 

Nola whelped her only litter in 2017...you can see them here! Her son, Quinn, is a new AKC Champion, and we expect her daughter Berry to follow along soon.

She’s since retired to a new life as a Girl About Town in the Big Apple…and a star of Instagram at @notoriousnola .


CH Banner Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Born January 23, 2017

Co-owned by the Vrettos Family

Click here for Quinn’s pedigree

There’s one in every litter…the puppy your eye always goes to. In Nola’s litter, it was the “Lime” boy, the guy who looked so square every time we looked at him.

And sometimes you get lucky and he keeps that quality you saw.

Professional Handler Andrew Green started Quinn out as a puppy, so he’d be ready for MCKC. He was “ready” on Day 1, winning a major in his first show. He went on to pick up 3 majors and 3 BOB wins over champions before his first birthday.

Just as adolescence can be difficult for humans, it can be tough on Wheatens, too! So Quinn took a year off from the show ring to grow out of the uglies.

He came back, just needing 3 single points…and picked them up and more in 2 shows. Quinn finished with another 4 point major and another BOB over specials. He’s matured into a moderate, well-moving and yes, short-backed dog. Of course, he’s still a goofy boy…we don’t ever expect THAT to go away.

Quinn lives with a terrific family and “big sister” Rudi…we’re so grateful for their time and cooperation in making him a champion. We’re all wondering what his future holds!


CH Banner The Way You Do The Things You Do

Born January 23, 2019

Click Here for Berry’s Pedigree

Ah, Berry…the class clown. While Pam only had eyes for brother Quinn, Berry set about charming the pants off John…very successfully, we might add! Slowly, however, she proved herself to be well worth a second…and third and fourth and fifth look! She developed into a sound, well-made bitch who glided around the ring with ease…even in mud and tall wet grass.

Berry started her show career as a clever, silly puppy with handler Andrew Green. Like her brother, she too was quite successful, quite early but needed to take some time off to grow up. When Pam’s knees were back in order, she took over handling duties and Berry resumed a successful show career. She was RWB at the 2019 DelVal Specialty, just missing out on a 4 point major. But on her next outing a few weeks later, she claimed her title by defeating other champions for her final points.

Despite being Ms. Charm, Berry was not all that fond of the ring and happy to retire to give some attention to Blue Dragon, who remains her favorite toy. But now she has two new “toys”…take a look at Berry’s first litter!


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CH Caraway Banner News

June 14, 2000 - July 27, 2005
Bred and co-owned by Beth Verner & Betty Chapman, Caraway Wheatens
Click for Scoop’s pedigree

Scoop was just the sweetest, prettiest, most loving Wheaten.  She joined us in the summer of 2000 and when she entered the ring in the spring of 2001, she was a sensation.  

A spectacular mover, she strode to her championship, entirely owner-handled and in her first show as a special, she took a Group 2.  The following year, she was an Award of Merit winner at the Delaware Valley Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club specialty show.

Before Scoop could be bred, her sire developed PLN and we chose not to breed her.  She remained with us the rest of her life, dying suddenly after turning 5 from causes unrelated to protein losing disease.  Scoop's loss remains with us, but not as much as our memories of her loving nature.

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November 9, 2001 - December 18, 2016
Co-owned by Christina Pae
Bred and co-owned by Denise Lovelady, Luvlade's Wheatens
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Flash truly lived up to her name...a bitch it was hard to ignore at home, on a walk and especially in the ring.

From the time she was a puppy, she owned the show ring...at an early show, she stopped, turned and barked at a judge who had the audacity to walk past her.  Of course, he couldn't resist and she was Best of Breed that day...along with many others in her career, ending 2003 as #11 in Breed points.

&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;Flash, age 11, with Christina on her wedding day.

       Flash, age 11, with Christina on her wedding day.

Sharing the same father with her half-sister, Scoop, meant Flash was also not going to be part of our breeding program.  Because we felt Flash was a bitch who would thrive as a single dog, not sharing attention with any other dogs, we placed her shortly before her 3rd birthday with Christina.  They have become an inseparable pair.  

People frequently ask "aren't you sad to place an older dog?"  Yes, it's a tough
 choice...but then we describe this wonderful moment.  The first time we saw Flash after her placement, a year had passed.  She was delighted to see us, actually leaping into John's arms.  But about an hour later, when it was time for her to leave, she trotted off quite happily with Christina, never even glancing back at us.

When you make a dog and an owner that happy, it's impossible to be sad.