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Pinch's Third Litter

Pinch's 3rd litter is  by our own BobDog, CH Banner Sweet Talkin' Guy, RA, THD, CGC, TDI, co-owned by Carol Carlson.  The 5 girls and 3 boys arrived on July 3, 2015.  The pedigree for the litter is here.

Keep an eye on this page as we post photos and news as they grow up!

Some Updates at a Year:

When the puppies get their first birthday cards, we always get great updates on them:

  • Norman has his own Instagram page with over 450 followers: http://www.instagram.com/normanthewheaten/  

  • Rocky and his owner are now living in Manhattan...and so are his two sisters, Parker (nee Tempo) and Kelly (nee Vibe.)

  • Pickles is quite the swimmer!

  • And Dublin and Murphy look like their momma!

Reports like that are the best part of being a breeder!

And they're off!

The puppies are all in their new homes now…well except for Tempo (Banner Still Rock N Roll To Me) and Vibe (Banner Rock This Town) who are staying here for a while.  As usual, we were cheered by their eagerness for their new adventure and the happy faces of their new owners.

Week Six - Seven

Things get very busy for us now!  Lots of cleaning and feeding and grooming and introduction to new experiences...and a couple of new toys.

Weeks Four - Five

It's quite a big period for the gang.  Now up on their feet, it was time for them to start having a little bit of "non-Momma cooking."  They easily adapted to formula and some ground up kibble.  Getting more mobile also meant that they wanted to explore...staying in the whelping box was a non-starter for them!  So they moved into an ex-pen and began to learn the all important "make here, play there."

Week Three

It was a very big week for the crew.  They continued to attempt to get onto their feet.  One by one, their eyes opened and then they were up and about.  It's always fun to watch them start to interact with each other and discover a couple of toys.  And of course...they kept Momma Pinch busy feeding and cleaning.

Week Two

Even though eyes aren't open yet, the puppies are trying to get to their feet...easier for the less pudgy ones!!








Week One

At this stage, everyone is just happy the puppies are here, healthy and nursing...and Pinch is being a great mom.