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Shandalee Satin Doll, CD, CGC

November 11, 1988 -- February 10, 2005
Bred and co-owned by Sue Goldberg, Wheatens of Shandalee
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There aren't enough words to describe the Cookie Monster and what she meant to us.  She was one of those dogs who knew who she loved...almost instantly, it was Pam and while she was friendly, there were few others, such as John, who she bonded with.  Cookie was just a major win away from her championship... lots of missed opportunities...but she became a wonderful brood bitch.  

When John entered her life, Cookie became a reluctant obedience dog at 9 1/2.  He put her CGC on her and eventually, on her 11th birthday, they completed Cookie's Companion Dog ("CD") title.  Cookie stories could go on forever.  

She was a member of the SCWTCA Geriatric Dog Study and her contribution will one day help the breed.  She will be missed as long as we draw breath.