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GCH Banner Down in the Treme

Born January 16, 2014

Co-Owned by Christina Pae

Click for Nola’s pedigree

Nola, the new champion!

Nola, the new champion!

Inspired by the great HBO TV series, “Treme”, we decided that Pinch’s second litter would be New Orleans themed.  After all, she’d been to the Big Easy on one of her many Facebook adventures and Mr. Wonderful was named for a dance, GCH Greentree Moonstruck Mombo Man.  “Ricky” a sweet, sound, super-moving dog turned out to be a great choice.

Nola has her mom’s head and her dad’s great movement…and an irrepressible attitude that has won over many.  She easily completed her Championship at age 10 months, placed in the Group a few weeks later and went onto her Grand Championship at 14 months. 

Nola whelped her only litter in 2017...you can see them here! Her son, Quinn, is a new AKC Champion, and we expect her daughter Berry to follow along soon.

She’s since retired to a new life as a Girl About Town in the Big Apple…and a star of Instagram at @notoriousnola .